The Transition.

So excited to be writing my very first blog post and even more excited that you’ve found yourself here. I am an Esthetician on a mission of health, wellness, and well…happiness. I am a beauty junkie, just like many of you are. I had to have the newest palette, collection, or random insta famous liquid lip all endorsed by these beautiful flawless people AND I HAD TO HAVE IT NOW. Every day I was being bombarded with all of these things that I thought that I needed, that I thought would make me prettier or more “in the know”. But none of it made me any happier-maybe for a moment, but it would inevitably fade and it was on to the next. Then something happened. I became immersed into the world of Clean Beauty. The Clean Beauty movement is at a pivotal point and I hope more women become conscious about the toxic chemicals they are layering on their hair, skin, and bodies EVERYDAY. The transition has not been an easy one, and I still struggle but now that I know the level of deception laid on us by the cosmetic industry and the proven toxicity of the ingredients in the products we love I can never go back to conventional products. I care what I put in my body, why should what I put on it be any different? I am leaning as I go, finding out more and more about ingredients and efficacy and I plan to share it all with you. Clean beauty product reviews, ingredient breakdowns and green living will be among the many topics discussed. Green can be glam, and beauty does not have to come with compromise.


I have started a journey of wellness, a journey that is constant and ever changing. A journey that has opened my eyes to many things and has made me more aware of everything around me. A journey I am still very much new to, but I am learning as I go. Informing myself, reading, and making choices that work for me. I am here to share my journey, my knowledge, and my trials. The theme for 2017 – Gratitude & Self Acceptance. Welcome beautiful. 




4 thoughts on “The Transition.

  1. Love it! So excited to follow your journey. I own and operate a natural and organic spa with a focus on holistic treatments. I absolutely enjoy your documentations on insta! Happy to have found your blog. Keep it up earth esty🌌🌵

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