My Top 3 Rules To Live By For Green Beauty Beginners


Switching over to clean beauty from conventional products can be overwhelming to say the least. Here are some useful tips that have made the transition easier for me, I hope they ease any anxiety you may have too.

1. B R E A T H E 

Stop what you’re doing and pause. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

When I first began to educate myself about ingredients in our beauty products and the harm they cause to our health and the environment I have to admit I might have suffered a mild anxiety attack. The room began to spin(okay maybe not) and I didn’t know where to start. I kept reading and reading, blogs, books, articles, etc. Downloaded apps and went on a scanning frenzy of all of my products that resulted in even more panic. What have I been doing to myself all these years!? How are these companies allowed to sell these products?! What is going on!!! Cue inhale…and exhale. I had to remind myself to take a step back and take it down a notch. Taking a deep breath and remembering that not everything has to be done at once, and I might not be perfect. But that’s okay too. The most important thing is to educate myself as much as I can and make decisions that work best for me and my lifestyle. There might be some products that contain questionable ingredients that I can’t let go of and that’s also okay. It is my journey and it is unique. Yours will be as too.

2. T A K E  I T  S L O W 

Don’t feel like you have to replace every single conventional item at the same time.

For one its super expensive. You also want to make sure you are finding products that are going to work for you and not just jumping at the first “green” thing you come across. This is where research comes in handy. There are Apps, websites, and social media pages that I have found particularly helpful. I spend a lot of time on the Credo beauty website. They have a great section on their website called Clean Beauty Swaps, where you can find great replacements for many of your current beauty staples. They have an amazing selection of beauty products to choose from that actually work! They also have store locations in San Fran, NY, and the most recent West 3rd location in LA. Blogs like Well + Good  and Goop are an amazing resource for all things health & wellness and Apps like Think Dirty have been oh so helpful. Check them out for valuable information about ingredients and clean product recommendations. Slowly but surely your collection will begin to come together

3.  D O N ‘ T  G I V E  U P 

Give your skin and hair time to adjust to clean beauty. 

Clean beauty products are different. They are formulated with out toxic chemicals and with mostly natural ingredients. unfortunately some toxic chemicals give us certain feelings we know and love. For example: Sodium Laureyl Sulfate(SLS) is a common ingredient in conventional shampoos and cleansers, they give that wonderful foam that makes us feel super squeaky clean. I also had to get used to the way that clean cosmetics felt on my skin. The difference is unreal. Through trial and error I have been able to find my hero products which I will soon be sharing. Everyone is different and what works for one might not for another, this is why being able to walk into a store front to experience products first hand is so helpful. I think that this is the fun part, stepping into a whole new world with a conscious mind and being able to pick and choose what you connect with all without compromising quality.


2 thoughts on “My Top 3 Rules To Live By For Green Beauty Beginners

  1. Well written. The only way to change people idea about skincare is to educate people about the alternatives that do exist. It’s frightening when I think back to how much damage my skin was receiving with the wrong choice of products. Thankfully now my skin deserves the best hence two years ago I collaborated with a cosmetic chemist to create a organic and gentle range of skincare. Thanks for being a voice for people like me.

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