De Lune , The Natural Solution To Painful Periods

Periods suck, period. I have always suffered from severe period pain and PMDD leaving me to dread that time of the month. My monthly symptoms include intense mood swings, irritability, fatigue, bloat, cramping, and lower back pain. My cramping is usually very painful the first two days of my cycle, sometimes bringing me to tears. My other symptoms onset a couple of days before my cycle and last throughout it. To get through this terrible time I pop ibuprofen like candy and I am more than certain I have surpassed the daily recommended dose on days that felt unbearable. When De Lune reached out to me to sample their product I have to admit I was very skeptical.

∇ What is it?

De Lune makes a nutritional supplement geared to alleviate period pain and symptoms using clinically proven all natural ingredients.  The formula took three years to develop and enlisted the expertise of doctors, dieticians, herbalists, and researchers who together created this powerful potion. Read more about the brand here. So I received a bottle of the 30 ml supplement and it conveniently arrived the day before my cycle was about to begin. De Lune recommends to start taking the supplement one day prior to the beginning of your cycle and everyday until your symptoms subside. To use you drop six full droppers of the supplement into your favorite calming tea, beverage, or water and enjoy. After reading about the product and about all the ingredients in it I was anxious and excited to try it out for myself, although I do have to admit having huge doubts as to whether or not it would work for me. I wanted to know what the supplement tasted like so my first use was with plain ol water. I put six full droppers into my water and took a sip. Not bad, not bad at all in fact I actually enjoyed the taste. It was a bit sweet and mostly tangy due to the apple cider vinegar in the product. If you are not a fan of acv then I suggest drinking in a tea or fruit juice. I began my cycle the next day as scheduled and continued to take the supplement with water for the next five days.

The Verdict?

The first two days of my cycle I had a bit of cramping but very mild compared to what I usually deal with, on the third day I did have to take an ibuprofen because I had a cramp attack at 2 am. However this cycle experience was significantly more comfortable and way beyond bearable. Here are the key things I noticed,

  • little to no bloat
  • increase in energy levels
  • no lower back pain
  • little to no cramping (except for the third night)

I also noticed an improvement in my overall mood too, which my partner so readily made known to me lol.  Overall I have to say I am beyond impressed with De Lune and the formula they have put together which includes powerhouse minerals and herbs like crampbark, magnesium, and vitamin b6. To read the full list of ingredients and how they work click here. Not to mention the formula is organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo, made in the USA and comes in a class bottle, yaaaay. When it comes to period remedies I have tried them all- and this is the only product so far that has made a significant difference. I am so grateful to have had the chance to try this supplement and that it is formulated with ingredients that have been healers in the natural realm for centuries. The 30ml bottle will last approximately one to two cycles depending on how much you need and is priced at $30, they also have a subscription program where you can receive a monthly replenishment for a discounted price. Because this product worked so well for me I wanted to share it with all of you along with a special discount code De Lune so generously created for my followers. If you are interested in trying this supplement enter the code ESTY15 for 15% off at checkout here

Nature is powerful and has the infinite ability to heal us, I am going to continue to search for natural remedies for you all and share my honest opinions to empower you to make the best decisions for your body.



*These opinions are mine and are 100% honest they are not to be taken as adivce nor diagnosis. I was not compensated for this review in any way. Always consult your doctor before beginning any supplement or diet. I am not a medical professional I am simply sharing my sincere thoughts and opinions.