Ingredient Spotlight: Hyaluronic Acid

You know an ingredient has officially gone viral when it is picked up by the mainstream media. The other day I was sitting on the couch watching one of my favorite shows while on a commercial break I got up to refill my wine glass and hear the words Hyaluronic Acid faintly in the background. I ran back to the television only to discover one of the most popular names in drugstore skin care promoting their newest face cream featuring this ingredient. So we are hearing and seeing this ingredient left and right but do we know how and why it works? Hyaluronic Acid is not a new lab created high tech ingredient like many might think, nor is it a typical type of acid which tend to promote exfoliation in the skin. In my opinion this magical molecule has one of the most important roles in maintaining overall health and function of the skin. On top of the many benefits it can offer it is an ingredient that can change the look of your complexion within an instant. So let’s dive deep into what this ingredient is, what it does, and which products are worth the investment!

Hyaluronic Acid is essentially a moisture binding molecule, it has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water and is categorized as a humectant. We naturally produce HA in our skin and in our bodies too! It can actually be found in its highest concentration in our skin, joints and eyeballs. It has a clear jelly like consistency and its main purpose is to provide lubrication/moisture. Why is this important in the skin? Quite simply, hydrated skin is happy healthy plump and glowing skin. This molecule aids in binding moisture to the skin to plump and hydrate from the inside out. Think about the appearance of sand at the beach vs sand at the desert, two very different moisture levels resulting in two very different appearances, so the more moisture in your skin the more hydration which results in a smooth plump appearance. Hyaluronic Acid also boosts and supports the production of healthy collagen which is also essential for a youthful complexion. So if we naturally produce HA in the skin and body then why invest in skincare featuring this ingredient? Get ready for this sad bit-

As we age our production of HA decreases significantly, therefore it is absolutely essential to add this ingredient into your regimen as early as you can to slow the aging process and maintain healthy skin function.

Now that we have a better understanding on what HA is and why we need it, let’s talk about products I am loving that never fail to give me that juicy glow.

 Hydrating Floral Mask – Tata Harper Skincare $95


With 1000 different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid this mask is my go to for optimal supplementation and infusion of plant based HA. It has a clear silky smooth gel texture that melts into the skin upon application. The ethereal and uplifting pale blue color is so soothing and the light floral scent comes from rose otto. In addition to all of that juicy HA this mask is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories! After using this mask the skin is noticeably plump and glowing. Any redness in the skin has melted away and the overall tone is even and brighter. This truly is a complete nutritional supplement for your skin. Use it as often as you need, you can even sleep in it! Formulated for ALL SKIN TYPES because dehydration is different than dryness, and let’s face it- we’re all dehydrated when it comes to our skin. 


Hyaluronic Serum 200 – Evolve Organic Beauty $46

Evolve Organic Beauty offers a comprehensive, affordable, and effective range for all skin types. This serum has to be one of my favorite products from this UK based brand. Formulated with 200mg of Hyaluronic Acid this clear lightly scented serum can be evolve_hyaluronic_serum_at_credo_beautyused AM and PM under your moisturizer of choice to improve overall moisture levels as well as reduce dehydration lines. In addition to HA this formula features a pomegranate extract which is a super reparative antioxidant that helps fight inflammation and free radical damage. Formulated for ALL SKIN TYPES


Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer – Tata Harper Skincare $116


I am currently OBSESSED with this moisturizer! It is THS newest launch and perfect for the warm summer temperatures. It of course contains hyaluronic acid, but it also has a unique gel water technology that actually acts as a skin solution! The gel water technology is made up of chia seed water, marsh samphire, and tremella mushroom. These three ingredients are going to feed the skin with ultra rich lightweight hydration, increase the skins capacity to store it, and prevent it from escaping. SO COOL. The consistency is gel like and super lightweight, the skin literally drinks it up. This moisturizer also has tons of vitamins and minerals for the skin including a super awesome extract from the banana flower which evens the skin tone while combating free radials. This is a great swap for warmer temperatures that will actually help to balance oily or combination skin.

Get your glow on!


Your Favorite Esty


3 Oils To Combat Inflammation 

What is inflammation? Inflammation is your skins worst enemy.  Both internal and external factors play a role in causing inflammatory conditions so it is absolutely vital to pay attention to your skin and what foods or activities cause flare ups. Being able to know that eating certain foods exasperate breakouts, redness, and sensitivities is a great tool to keeping your inflammation under control. So eat lots of greens, foods rich in antioxidants and plenty of good old H2O.

Now for the easy part! The second and most importantly, fun way to tackle inflammation is with skin care! Particularly oils. These are my top 3 go to oils to calm, relieve, and heal my inflammation, and they might work for you too!

  1. Beauti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixr

AH6A2655 copy

This oil was created to specifically target inflammation and with 14 plant oils in the mix this little gem repairs and strengthens the skins barrier function. The formula is 100% natural and 98% organic too! The star ingredients here besides the antioxidant rich plant oils are:

  • Softalia or Australian Sandalwood contains ximenynic acid which prevents the inflammation process from beginning in the first place. Sandalwood oil also has a high oleic acid content (fatty acid) that deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. WIN WIN!
  • Sea Whip (Carribean Corral) is a powerful anti inflammatory ingredient that contains enzymes the protect and repair the skin against free radical damage and pseudopterosins which reduces as well as inhibits the skins inflammatory response.

Ingredient List:  Camellia oil, Chia seed oil, Bitter cherry seed oil, Strawberry seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Blueberry seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Sandalwood nut seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, Seabuckthorn fruit berry oil, Lavender herb oil, Geranium flower oil, Sandalwood oil, Neroli flower oil, Capric  trglyceride from coconut, Sea whip extract ( Coral )

*Great for treating skin conditions and recommended for all skin types especially those prone to acne, chronic breakouts, dullness, mature, or dehydrated skin.

2.  African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil


I’ve mentioned this balancing facial oil in my February Favorites post, because this oil is the bomb. This oil is great for more oily, acne prone, and environmentally stressed skin types that need balancing and healing. Star ingredients in this formula are:

  • Marula Oil- Rich in omega fatty acids Marula Oil helps to reduce inflammation and redness as well as reduce transepidermal water loss- in other words it deeply hydrates the skin. Marula is high in antioxidants and stimulates collagen production.
  • Neroli- Naturally high in vitamin C *(non phototoxic) brightens and evens out the skin tone, this oil is great for oily skin types. Neroli is anti aging, anti bacterial, and anti microbial. I love neroli because it puts my oil production in check and protects against the collagen destroying toxins in the environment.

*Non phototoxic means it will not damage skin if exposed to sunlight.

Ingredients: Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula Essential Oi L), Citrus Aurantium (Neroli Essential Oil).

3. Kristin Holey for Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum


This serum has given my complexion a total reset. If you are concerned with blotchiness, chronic breakouts, enlarged pores, and uneven texture/tone than this serum is for you. I use this serum 3x a week as a leave on overnight exfoliator. When I use this serum I like to layer Marie Veronique’s Soothing B3 serum to further calm inflammation as well as target dehydration then finish with her Rejuvinating Night Oil rich in nourishing ingredients to seal it all in. Star ingredients in this serum are:

  • Niacinimide(Vitamin B3)- Niacinimade should be a staple in everyone’s regimen, it  boosts the skin’s immunity and improves barrier function which gives your skin the tools it needs to protect and heal itself it also improves skin tone/texture to give you that illusive “glow”. One awesome bonus to this hero ingredient is that it helps to lighten hyperpigmentation by slowing down the amount of melanin transferred to the surface of the skin. Woop Woop! I have found that Niacinimide is hard to come by in the clean beauty space so I was very happy to find this serum!
  • Vitamin B5- Vitamin B5 is an intensely healing ingredient that heals the skin over time it is also a natural humectant that helps the skin to retain its moisture much like hyaluronic acid does. Because Vitamin B5 triggers the skins natural healing response it is a great ingredient to soothe and relieve uncomfortable inflammation caused by various skin conditions. Incorporating this ingredient into your regimen will result in smooth, soft, clear skin.

*Because this serum contains acids like Lactic and Salicylic it should only be used at night and followed by SPF application the next morning.

Ingredients: Camellia sinensis (Green tea) extract, sodium hyaluronate, D-panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5), niacinamide (vitamin B3), lactic acid, salicylic acid, calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Epigallocate-chin-3-gallate (ECGC), gluconolactone, polygonum aviculare extract (knotweed bioflavonoids), daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract, Beta-glucan, galacto-oligiosaccharide, leuconostoc/radish root filtrate ferment, bacillus ferment, acetic acid (apple cider vinegar), marrubium vulgare (White Horehound) extract

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations! Do you suffer from inflammatory skin conditions? If so what works for you? I would love to hear your experience and your favorite picks to kick inflammation to the curb!